Online Loan Marketplace Features

We help banks and other lenders sell their debt portfolio efficiently and at the best market price through our online loan marketplace.
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easy to list debt portfolio on the loan marketplace

It takes just a few clicks to publish debt portfolio and set up an auction

There're English, Dutch, or Sealed-bid or Hybrid types of auction available for debt portfolios selling.  Not sure what auction type to choose? Our expert will guide you. Get in touch
Discuss with Debexpert how to publish your debt portfolio
online tracking of debt portfolio marketing

Track buyers activities

Lenders can view all marketing activiries of their portfolios online. It's very easy to track which debt buyers viewed your portfolio, downloaded masked file, placed a bid or requested additional information. All activities are available in mobile app or desktop in real-time.
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online chats with debt buyers

Stay in touch with debt buyers, answer their questions via real-time messenger

Chat function allows buyers and lenders securely send instant messages that are end-to-end encrypted
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debt portfolio valuation by market experts

Analyze debt portfolio with Debexpert

Our team has 100+ years of combined experience in debt trading. Before portfolio publication they guide you on a current market situaton and reasonable price expectations.
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GET the BEST PRICE for debt portfolio

Largest network of debt buyers in one place

Hundreds of vetted debt buyers bid for your debt portfolio online.
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FOLLOW debt portfolios for sale ONLINE

Get a free access to the wide range of debt portfolios for sale

Browse debt portfolios online: masked files, media samples and supporting docs. If you need additional information, please use chats to ask the seller directly.
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customise notifications

Receive notifications about preferred debt auctions

Select your preferred debt types and get real-time notifications about new portfolio publications.
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review media online

Download portfolio sample documents and masked files to make your evaluation

Get secure online access to all necessary debt portfolio documents in one place. Preview, download, share, evaluate in one click.
Debt portfolios for sale
available at any place and time

Buy debt via laptop or mobile app

Portfolio analytics, direct chats with sellers and portfolio trading are available at any place.
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communicate with debt sellers

Chat with a seller via real-time messenger

Do you have some questions about debt portfolio? Get prompt reply direct from the seller in real-time chat.
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Latest loan marketplace updates

Error notification changes
Error notification changes
We are very attentive to our clients, therefore we do our best for your comfortable and convenient use of the Debex platform
Secure file sharing using end-to-end encryption
Secure file sharing using end-to-end encryption
On the Debex platform, it is now possible to exchange files using end-to-end encryption. Let's take a look how we protect our users.
Hybrid auctions
Hybrid auctions
We are introducing a new type of auction!
My pools - customize interface for yourself
My pools - customize interface for yourself
For each of the sellers of the site in the tab “My pools” detailed analytics on the sale of a lot is available...
Min price at sealed bid auctions
Min price at sealed bid auctions
Now, at auctions of closed offers on Debexpert platform, the minimum bid amount is displayed in front of each lot, the amount of which can be set by the seller in advance.
What's new with Debexpert?
What's new with Debexpert?
What's new with Debexpert: corrections and improvements on our platform. New features that will make our users feel excited.
Haven't been updated for a long time? Debexpert has prepared several improvements for users at once
Haven't been updated for a long time? Debexpert has prepared several improvements for users at once
Information about several improvements on Debexpert platform for sellers and buyers.

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