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Debt portfolio for sale: $1.3M Installment Loan Charge-Offs from Sunrise Banks, N.A. Total debt: $1341481
August 12, 2022
Portfolio from Sunrise Banks, N.A
Debt portfolio for sale: $1M - 4 First RE Notes - OH, CA from BEST Lending Co., Inc. Total debt: $1022250
August 15, 2022
Portfolio from BEST Lending Co., Inc
Debt portfolio for sale: $13M Zero Agency installment loans from Western Shamrock. Total debt: $13100990
August 18, 2022
Portfolio from Western Shamrock
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We specialize in selling debt to collection agencies, debt buying companies, real estate buyers, medical debt buyers, auto loan portfolio buyers, hedge funds, family offices and other institutional debt buyers. On our loan marketplace they buy and sell all sorts of debt portfolios: Real Estate Notes, Auto Notes, Payday Portfolios, Installment Portfolios, Medical Debt, Commercial Notes, MCA Debt, Credit Cards Portfolios, Judgements Portfolios, Bankruptcies, Student Loans Portfolios and others.

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