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Error notification changes

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We are very attentive to our clients, therefore we do our best for your comfortable and convenient use of the Debex platform.

Error notifications have changed.

Previously, for any error, the line with its notification was standard for everyone, and the client might not understand what the problem was. You will now see an exact description of what needs to be fixed. For example, if the problem is that your phone number is already registered on the site, this is the reason that will be indicated, and if such a problem is not with the phone, but with the e-mail, then this is what will be written.

We also connected notifications to our managers that the client had a certain technical error - thus we will be able to promptly provide you with assistance.

Error notification changes | Debexpert
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Ivan Korotaev
Debexpert CEO, Co-founder

More than a decade of Ivan's career has been dedicated to Finance, Banking and Digital Solutions. From these three areas, the idea of a fintech solution called Debepxert was born. He started his career in  Big Four consulting and continued in the industry, working as a CFO for publicly traded and digital companies. Ivan came into the debt industry in 2019, when company Debexpert started its first operations. Over the past few years the company, following his lead, has become a technological leader in the US, opened its offices in 10 countries and achieved a record level of sales - 700 debt portfolios per year.

  • Big Four consulting
  • Expert in Finance, Banking and Digital Solutions
  • CFO for publicly traded and digital companies


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