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In Dutch auctions, auto-bidding has been added

This is a very convenient and useful function with an exceptional moment - several auto-extensions can be enabled for one bid step, i.e. several buyers can use the button at once.

In this case, the winner is the one who activated this bid before everyone else.


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E-mail confirmation via verification

The email verification process was enabled. This was done for those customers who, for various reasons, had problems receiving our notifications by mail.

To do this, we have added an e-mail verification process in the registration:

Now, when changing the email, the system asks you to confirm this email by the code sent to the email.

Active users of our site are strongly recommended to verify their email addresses for correct operation!

In the portfolio publication, the value is displayed in the currency in the bid step indication (previously it was only a percentage value)


Rejection of the application

In case of refusal of the bid during the auction, the seller can indicate the reason for his rejection.. This is done so that the debt buyer understands why his bid was rejected.

Counting independent bid steps for pools

Now in the Dutch auction, you can set an independent number of bid steps for pools. Under the portfolio publication plate, it is now possible to customize the lots individually:

Here you can specify the number of price reductions and apply the settings to the selected lots.

Document preview

Now you can view any documents on our site without downloading them. Just like in Google Docs.

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