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Hybrid Auctions Explained

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This unique auction format is new to the Debexpert platform, and it combines the best features of our English, Dutch, and Sealed Bid auctions.#nbsp; Hence, the name- Hybrid!

Why have we added this option?

Many of the creditors we work with have expressed interest in a hybrid auction. Often, the seller only has a say in setting the initial price. The Hybrid Auction would offer them the opportunity to communicate with buyers and have the option to create individual conditions! Real-time information sharing between the participants and the creditor allows the seller to increase the price of pools if they desire!

The hybrid auction lasts a week, and during this time you can influence, or rather raise the price of the pool, see the bids of other participants and interact with each other, and the Buy-now price (the maximum expected price for which a seller will immediately give this portfolio) can be set.

How does it look like for buyers?

The Buy-now price is highlighted in red. By clicking on the "Buy now" button, the auction will end.

Besides, we can "Offer another price", and then we get the following view:

1. Yellow area

the price has not reached the checkpoint yet. Here, all bids could be potentially rejected by a seller.

Green area

If you've reached this area - you've hit the Reserve price (Seller will accept any bid higher than Reserve price and will confirm the deal). Also, you could immediately buy this pool using the Buy-now button. By clicking here, we can immediately finish the auction:

The slider that moves around the entire field, allows us to set a bid at any place

If a buyer places a bid below the Reserve Price, the system will ask for a brief explanation

The seller will see this message. Click the button "Confirm bid", and a chat appears where the buyer and seller can agree on terms:

What does it look like for sellers? or How does it look for sellers?

The interface remains the same, only the button "Chat" appears:

Get more hands on control of your portfolio sale with Debexpert's Hybrid Auction!

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Hybrid Auctions Explained | Debexpert
Written by
Ivan Korotaev
Debexpert CEO, Co-founder

More than a decade of Ivan's career has been dedicated to Finance, Banking and Digital Solutions. From these three areas, the idea of a fintech solution called Debepxert was born. He started his career in  Big Four consulting and continued in the industry, working as a CFO for publicly traded and digital companies. Ivan came into the debt industry in 2019, when company Debexpert started its first operations. Over the past few years the company, following his lead, has become a technological leader in the US, opened its offices in 10 countries and achieved a record level of sales - 700 debt portfolios per year.

  • Big Four consulting
  • Expert in Finance, Banking and Digital Solutions
  • CFO for publicly traded and digital companies


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