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Secure file sharing using end-to-end encryption

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Secure file sharing using end-to-end encryption

On the Debex platform, it is now possible to exchange files using end-to-end encryption

What is “end-to-end encryption”?

This means that no one except the recipient you selected will be able to download/read the contents of the file (even Debex employees).

The file is encrypted in the sender's browser and uploaded to the Debex servers in encrypted form.

How does it work?

To encrypt files on the sender's computer, we have developed a special application for the Google Chrome browser. This ensures that the file is transmitted to the Debex servers only in encrypted form.

The recipient of the file in the portal interface creates encryption keys that are used to encrypt the files. These keys are not stored on Debex servers, which guarantees the impossibility for third parties to access the contents of the files.

The sender chooses who can download and decrypt the file in the portal interface. Then the file is encrypted and sent to the recipient. Only the selected recipient will be able to decrypt the file.

Step 1. Download and install the Google Chrome app

Download the Google Chrome app

With it, you will be able to:

  1. To create the encryption key to obtain encrypted files
  2. Encrypt files before sending them to Debex servers
  3. Decrypt received files using your private encryption key

Step 2. Create encryption keys

To be able to receive encrypted files, you need to create a pair of encryption keys one time (what is it?) in your personal account in the "End-to-end encryption" section. As a result, a pair of public and private keys will be created.

Your public key will be used to encrypt the files that are sent to you. The decryption of such files is possible only with your private key.

The private key is stored only on your computer and is never stored on the Debex servers, so keep it safe.

Step 3. Send the encrypted file

In the "Requests" section, you can send encrypted files that only a selected recipient will have access to.

No one else (not even Debex employees) will be able to access such files in any way.

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