Oct 21, 2022 2:00 PM
Parra Loan Company, Inc.

$8.5M Zero Agency Charge-Offs & Judgments @ TX

New Charged-offs and Judgements portfolio for sale was uploaded on debexpert platform. Parra Loan Company, Inc. file is directly from originator.

  1. Total debt isย  $8,5 million
  2. Average debt is aroundย  800 USD
  3. 13,6 thousands accounts

Opening price for this portfolio that you can find on our platform is 38,860 USD (0,5% of total debt)

Trading for this portfolio ends on October 21th.


Debt portfolio sales points

ZERO AGENCY - Direct from Originator
Charge-Offs - 13,625 loans - Avg Bal: $627
Small Claims Judgment Pool - Avg Bal $1,167
Auction fee to be paid by the buyer - 5% of the winning bid, minimum fee is $2,500

Debt portfolio stats

Total debt:
Median debt:
Average debt:
Number of accounts:
Average charge off date:
Opening price: $
Opening price (% of Total debt):
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