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Auto delivery correctness and troubleshooting.
Previously, you could face the situation when two participants placed the same rate, for example, 5,000 $, for one of them the auto-delivery did not work correctly at that moment. Someone was offended ... But now everything will be fair. We have fixed this bug.

Sorting rates.
If in a closed auction two participants made the same bid, the winner is the one who made the first bid. What an unexpected twist.

The end of the auction when bidding a buy now price or how to become a winner.
Strange, but earlier you could set the rate higher than the buy now price and nothing happened, i.e. you exceeded the buy now price, but did not become a winner.
Now, if you place a bid above the buy now price, you automatically become the winner and the auction ends.
Congratulations in advance on your victory!

Hybrid auction high starting price error.
Here we are talking about mortgages and non-overdue debts. When the starting price was more than 70% of the total outstanding amount, our interface did not work correctly. But we are good at fixing it,  hop-hop, and everything works fine.
As they say, do it normally, it will be fine.

The average date of the last payment has been added to mailings.
It turns out that in America, buyers look not only at the delay in days (in Russia, the average delay is 300 days). In the States, it is important to see the average date of the last payment. And we supported this opportunity for all countries where our site exists. We now indicate the average date of the last payment in the newsletter about published portfolios.
Everything for you, dear clients!

If the height of the screen is low, it is impossible to press the "Extend by 15 minutes" button (the prompt overlapped the screen).
While we were studying customer complaints, we were able to find another problem: if the user's screen is small, or the window is not minimized in full size, when you hover over the "Extend for 15 minutes" button, a pop-up appears (pop-up window) with an explanation of the operation, overlapping half of the interface and interfering with bargaining.
We quickly fixed this inconvenience, now everything works fine.