Jason A. from March Motors

Review about Debexpert

Jason A. from March Motors

Jason from March Motors shares his successful experience using Debexpert.com to sell Buy Here Pay Here accounts. In this video, Jason discusses how March Motors listed over 100 accounts, totaling approximately $1.4 million in principal, on Debexpert—a leading platform for debt trading.

Discover how Debexpert attracted a diverse range of debt buyers, including Buy Here Pay Here bulk purchasers, family offices, asset management firms, and various investors. Learn about the seamless process and exceptional support provided by Debexpert's team, making it a recommended choice for dealers aiming to sell both performing and non-performing debt.

Whether you are a dealer looking to improve your debt sales strategy or an investor seeking opportunities, this video offers valuable insights into the advantages of using Debexpert for your financial transactions.

Why Watch?

  • Understand the benefits of listing debt on Debexpert.
  • Hear firsthand from a successful user of the platform.
  • Gain insights into attracting diverse investors and managing debt sales efficiently.
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