Debt Trading Platform
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Debexpert for Debt Sellers
An easy tool for transparent sale of debts in mobile or desktop device
Active Vetted Buyers
$ 800 + ММ
Purchase power
Average profit increase from auction
How it Works
We work hard on making lives of our clients better and happier
Debexpert analytics team reviews portfolio and provides recommendations to seller
Portfolio is published for auction, now accessible to buyers
Buyers are able to conduct due diligence and communicate directly with seller prior to start of auction
Debexpert can organize three types of auctions:
Raise, Reverse, and Sealed-Bids (Blind)
Auction winner and seller close the deal and sign contract
File exchange and communication logs between buyer and seller are securely stored on platform
Portfolio analytics
Portfolio upload
Close deal
Post sale service
Portfolio analytics
Auction Setup
Close deal
Post sale service
Seller's personal mobile account
More than 30 parameters available for analytics
Active presale by Debexpert managers
Funnel of sales
Visual funnel of sales of your portfolio in real time
Data design
Clear and dynamic data graphs with customer activity
Real time auction
The dynamics of rates for the entire portfolio or separately by lot
Choose Winners
Confirm Auction Winners
Final rates
Information about the winners and final rates for individual lots
You'll get
Our goal is to deliver value to our client through high quality services
All buyers passed kyc check and due diligence
Chat with buyer
Close any questions in the chat
Portfolio analytics
Get free portfolio analytics from our experts
Free for seller
No commission from the seller
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