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TRIL 1 LP announces strategic partnership with Debexpert

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TRIL 1 LP, a holding company that owns and manages several financial services and risk management companies, announces their latest strategic partnership with Debexpert, a leader in delinquent debt auctions. This partnership will utilize the TRIL 1 LP platform and its subsidiary companies to allow Debexpert to expand their auction services into credit unions, corporations, higher education, healthcare, and municipalities.

Selling and buying delinquent debt is a complicated process and debt collection processes are arduous and inefficient. Debexpert makes it easier and clearer. A key advantage of Debexpert, is the ease of buying and selling debts through the online platform. Investors get to see all necessary information about the portfolio, easily exchange files, as well as being able to ask direct questions to a seller or a buyer. Debt buyers receive access to full information of a portfolio before trading starts to assess whether it fits their business profile. An auction typically lasts one hour and a buyer who offers the highest price wins. Debexpert also provides 100% security for every transaction; all sellers and buyers go through a rigorous compliance process to rule out violations.

“With the Debexpert platform, our clients can sell delinquent debt and aged Account Receivable portfolios quickly, having 100% control at all stages of a transaction. Our clients receive immediate access to funds, which can be reinvested in the core mission or in higher yielding investments for incremental return and benefit. We advise our clients with access to efficient capital and the Debexpert auction services align with our mission,” said Johan Rosenberg, General Partner and Chairman of TRIL 1 LP.

"The nonperforming loan (NPL) market enters digital transformation much later than other markets. Our services make the transaction process faster, easier, and more transparent. Even conservative markets, such as the NPL market, will soon become more dynamic, modern, and much more efficient for all its participants. We are delighted TRIL 1 LP sees the tremendous value for their clients and wants to partner with us," adds Ivan Korotayev, CEO, Debexpert.

About TRIL 1 LP

TRIL 1 LP is a holding company that owns and manages several financial services enterprises, including Blue Rose Capital Advisors ( and HedgeStar ( Blue Rose Capital Advisors is an independent financial advisory firm that serves the higher education, healthcare, non-profit, government, and corporate sectors. Blue Rose Capital Advisors provides debt, derivatives, reinvestment, and P3 advisory services, strategic and financial consulting services, and other specialized services to help clients achieve their goals. Blue Rose is registered as a Municipal Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB). HedgeStar is an independent provider of outsourced valuation and hedge accounting services for financial instruments including interest rate, currency, and commodity derivatives. HedgeStar provides derivative fair value calculations, cash flow hedge accounting, fair value hedge accounting, and risk management services.


Debexpert ( is an online debt trading platform. The company works with lenders and professional investors, providing services for online auctions of debt portfolios in several countries.

TRIL 1 LP announces strategic partnership | Debexpert
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