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Selling charged-off accounts involves transferring the ownership of delinquent debts that a creditor has written off as uncollectible to a third-party debt buyer. The debt buyer will attempt to recover some or all of the owed funds, often at a reduced price compared to the original debt amount.

Sooner or later, the question of charged-off accounts selling will arise for every lender. In this article, we will help you navigate and understand how to find and choose the right companies that buy debt, what risks there are when selling and how to ensure maximum profitability. 

Here goes:

Companies that buy debt 

There are more than 2,000 companies in the US that buy debt. Their size, working methods, and geography vary greatly. So, what kind of buyers are there:

Institutional debt buyers 

These are professional funds that invest in debts. They often attract capital and then invest in the purchase of debts. They give the collection process itself to the outsourced collection agency. Some of these companies even have a listing on the stock exchange - PRO and Encore. But, mostly, these are private companies, such as:

  • Arrow Acceptance 
  • Cascade 365 
  • Denali Capital 
  • First Financial Asset Management 
  • Lakeland West Capital 
  • RiverPoint Capital Partners
  • 10 Talents, LLC
  • DNF Associates
  • Crowd Capital Fund LLC
  • Fay Servicing, LLC
  • Guaranty Solutions, LLC
  • Gulf Coast Bank and Trust Company
  • LAR Capital LLC

It is most often safe to work with such buyers; they have robust compliance and risk management, and they carefully monitor that the collection will take place per the State Regulations and those of the FDCPA. But, since the capital of these companies is most often borrowed, they can give a lower price offer than companies that work on their capital. Also, these companies most often buy all types of debts, and you can sell debts - consumer accounts, auto loans, MCA debt, PDL, medical portfolios, and residential and commercial notes.  

Law firms as a debt buyers

Often, law firms that prepare judgments for institutional debt buyers also buy judgments by investing their capital.

  • International Debt Buying Consultants II, LLC dba Portfolio Management Group
  • RMF Asset Management, LLC
  • Dobberstein Law Firm, LLC
  • Zieg Law Group

Features of working with such debt buyers: 

As a rule, law firms buy only judgments (auto loan portfolio, MCA portfolio) and only in the state where they have a license. They understand pricing on the debt market very well, so most often, they give reasonable prices that are above the market.

Сollection agencies as a debt buyers

Similarly, with law firms, the collection agency buys those debts with which they work as an outsourced vendor.

  • Affinity Global
  • Oliphant USA, LLC
  • Gulf Coast Bank and Trust Company
  • National Recovery Solutions
  • Recovery Management Solutions LLC
  • Red Target DBA SCJ Commercial Financial Services
  • Prime Recovery LLC
  • Guaranty Solutions, LLC
  • Audubon Solutions LLC dba Titan Portfolio Management
  • Kramer-Fox Associates
  • Frederick Debt Management, LLC

Features of working with such debt buyers: as a rule, the collection agency buys only consumer accounts for calls collection. It gives higher prices again because they do not have overhead costs for the maintenance of the headquarters. They understand the state's specifics well and own collection facilities.

How to find and establish connection with the debt buyer

There are two ways to find and establish connection with buyers - contact the buyer yourself (the lists above, or look at the lists of members of professional associations - RMAI, ASA or Attorney's Bar Associations) or contact debt brokers.

We especially recommend contacting debt brokers, because brokers work with each of the buyers on a daily basis and know which group is best to market your product to, and also know which of the buyers are currently in the active purchase stage and are ready to invest. Also, the broker will help to avoid mistakes that can lower the price of your portfolio or start working with an improper buyer. In our next article, we will tell you which brokers there are in the USA and what their specialization is.

Good luck and Happy Bidding!

Sell charged-off accounts | Seller tips Vol 1 | Debexpert
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Can I Sell My Debt Portfolio?

Yes, originators of debt or title holders of judgements can sell their debt portfolios.‍

What Should I Do With Charged-Off Accounts?

Charged-off accounts can be transferred to a third party collection agency or sold to a debt buyer. The sale of accounts allows lenders to free up cash and not wait for months or years to collect on debt.‍

What Type of Buyers Is Best For My Portfolio?

Usually buyers that specialize in a particular type of debt are the best as they offer the most competitive pricing and reduce the number of mistakes when collecting on debt.‍

What debt are we selling

We specialize in car, real estate, consumer and credit cards loans. We can sell any kind of debt.

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