Consumer Debt Buyers

Most states license the purchase of consumer debt because it involves working with sensitive personal information of debtors and requires compliance with the requirements of the CFPB and the best practices of working with debtors.

In the USA, several self-regulatory organizations also impose requirements for working with debtors on their certified members. The most famous organization is Receivables Management Association International (RMAI). Working with the buyers of this organization, you can expect higher standards of work.

Consumer debt buyers are divided into two classes - passive debt buyers (investor companies) and companies engaged in collecting independently; often, these are collection agencies that buy debt. Passive debt buyers act as investors. After the purchase, they provide debt to the collection agencies or collection attorneys for collection. In other words, they don't recover debt on their own. The second type of buyer uses its own capacity to collect debt.

Both types of buyers are represented on the Debexpert loan marketplace. You can find the full list below.


The List of Featured Consumer Debt Buyers

CRMG was formed with the vision to fully automate, and simplify debt collection and accounts receivable management. As a result, CRMG has developed a fully digital accounts receivables department leveraging the power of conversational artificial intelligence in the form of email, phone, SMS, and webchat. Our first-class technology solutions empower consumers to manage their accounts online without the pressure of collection calls from live agents, sales calls, or commission-based employee interactions. We use the highest level of security to ensure data is kept safe; privacy is at the core of everything we do. We want our partners to succeed by making the most of the opportunities that our state-of-the-art consumer engagement platform provides. We give consumers the tools to resolve their payments on their own, limiting unnecessary intervention from a live agent. Contact CRMG for a demo or to discuss our third-party collections services. Our technology has transformed what used to be a stressful, hostile activity into a simplified, consumer-led one.
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AAA Lenders Inc.
AAA Lenders Inc.
AAA Lenders Inc is a private investment financial company and which strives to invest in all sectors as a trusted purchaser of distressed Assets for Strategic, performing, non-performing, SFR’s, and most types of commercial loans etc. while maintaining the ability to close quickly with competitive pricing. AAA organization works directly with financial institution companies in order to procure portfolios of accounts and service them in fair and compliant manner. In order to ensure consumers are treated with care, we utilize AAA professional partner law firms to perform recovery services in an ethical and compliant manner on our behalf. AAA Lenders service is primarily targeted towards organizations in the financial services industry. AAA Lenders have a profound commitment to provide our clients with exceptional service that is individually tailored towards their organizational strategy and goals. AAA Lenders acquire performing and non-performing debt portfolios from a diverse range of asset classes. We understand the value of these charged-off accounts to our clients, credit markets and broader economy.AAA Lenders create value for our clients by achieving high yields for charged-off receivables. We recover revenue for clients by reducing their losses from various asset classes. This reduces operational costs and provides clients with liquidity to support further issuance of credit to consumers in the market, at affordable rates.
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Consumer Debt Portfolios for Sale

$450K Secondary Installment Loans
November 17, 2022
Nickel City Acquisitions
$1.49M Zero Agency Installment Loans
November 10, 2022
Cash Lane Holdings, LLC
$8.5M Charge-Offs & Judgments @ TX
October 20, 2022
Parra Loan Company, Inc.

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