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Delinquent Debt
How it Works
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Debexpert analytics team reviews portfolio and provides recommendations to seller
Portfolio is published for auction, now accessible to buyers
Buyers are able to conduct due diligence and communicate directly with seller prior to start of auction
Debexpert can organize three types of auctions: Raise, Reverse, and Sealed-Bids (Blind)
Auction winner and seller close the deal and sign contract
File exchange and communication logs between buyer and seller are securely stored on platform
Portfolio analytics
Portfolio upload
Close deal
Post sale service
Portfolio analytics
Auction Setup
Close deal
Post sale service
Debexpert Road Map
Our goal is to serve our clients the best way possible
Features of Debexpert That Might Like
We will help you buy and sell debts efficiently
Safe and Secure
Rigid Data Protection. All clients pass compliance procedures before get an access. Functionality of Blocklists. Customers Ratings.
All bids are visible online to the seller. After an auction, a detailed bid report can be used for audit purposes.
Easy interface
User friendly interface with multiple controls and capabilities from the creators of numerous successful B2C solutions with 20 years of experience in total.
Customer service
A dedicated relationship manager advises clients throughout all platform transactions.
Real-time messenger for quick communications between the seller and the buyer during the auction.
Mobile App
The app is available for Android and iOS.
Cloud storage
Cloud Drive for secure and easy file transfer between buyer and seller.
B2B CRM for full-cycle transaction management between the seller and the buyer.
International expertise
Spain, Russia, Kazakhstan,
In process: Mexico and France

Debexpert For Sellers
A tool for easy and transparent sale of delinquent debts
Rigorous Compliance and data protection
Access to the platform is granted only after compliance review.
All prospective buyers in one place
Helps you to receive a competitive market price.
Portfolio analytics from the industry professionals
Helps you set expectations of sales proceeds.
Dedicated relationship manager
Helps you with the platform set up and throughout the auction.
Tool kit with Chats, Cloud Storage,
Post-Sale CRM

Helps you to close your deal.
Debexpert For Buyers
A large number of portfolios from various originators
A wide selection of portfolios with an option to buy by pools
You can choose what fits your operating model and budget the best.
Easy access to all information to evaluate the portfolio
You can easily download any information.
Direct communication with the seller
Easy to communicate with the sellers.
Mobile app
Helps you chat with sellers, review portfolios and bid on an auction even from your Mobile device.
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