We have hundreds of satisfied sellers and buyers. Some of their testimonials are below:

Awesome Experience Working with Great Debexpert Group

"Very happy to work together with Debexpert group specially Henry with excellent clients service and they teamwork is very professional, helpful and knowledgeable they goes the extra mile to close for any of the clients. I really admire his work ethics. He is very hardworking and always has answer to our questions .Best part he’s always available to help. I would highly recommend they services. Thank you"

Wonderful communication and support

"Wonderful communication and support. I have always had all of my questions answered quickly, and everyone has been accommodating to make the process as easy as possible. I always look forward to seeing the new offerings, and am excited to be building a relationship with a great company!"



"Professional, fair, and goes the extra mile to close note purchases-especially important when dealing with unrealistic/difficult sellers."

Larry Nein

Great experience dealing with Henry Arora

"Henry is the Business Development rep assigned to our small boutique real estate investment firm. Henry is great with follow-up and answering any and all questions I have. We have been very pleased with both your platform and Henry's service and "can do" approach."

Al Curiel

Rep at debexpert.com makes working with the platform easy

"Our rep at debexpert.com has always been very proactively communicative, reaching out to make sure we are aware of trades that fit our buying box and easily accessible to answer questions and help facilitate the process."

Frequently Asked Questions
Mortgage notes
How Do I Sell My Notes On My House?
What Is a Note Deal In Real Estate?
What Is a Real Estate Note Buyer?
Can Promissory Notes Be Sold To Another Party?
How Long Does The Whole Procedure For Buying And Selling A Real Estate Note Take?
What Are The Risks Of Buying Real Estate Notes?
Which Financial Metric Shall be Considered When Buying Real Estate Note?
What Is the Yield on a Note?
How Do You Calculate Note Yield When Buying Real Estate Notes?
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What Is an Auto Loan Portfolio Sale?

An Auto Loan Portfolio Sale transfers the title to a debt buyer for auto loan accounts. Auto Loan Portfolio Sale can be either performing or charged-off accounts sale.

Why Are Buy Here Pay Here Loans Sold?

Buy Here Pay Here Loans are sold to securitize existing debt portfolios, make cash injections to originate new loans, improve business ratios or optimize operational processes. Reasons may differ for each lender but can be resolved by selling a debt portfolio.

What Are the Benefits of Selling Your Auto Loans?

Selling Your Auto Notes benefits lenders because it helps get money back into the company to issue new loans.

Auto Loan Portfolio Sale Example

Auto Loan Portfolio Sale can be performing, charged-offs, or auto deficiencies. Examples can be found on our website. https://www.debexpert.com/auctions

How Long Does the Purchase Process Take?

The buying process takes several days, during which buyers analyze the portfolio, decide on the price of the debt portfolio, and make offers to the seller.

What debt are we selling?

We specialize in consumer debt portfolios, real estate notes , medical, student debt and credit card loans.

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