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Added a button "download documents" for the entire portfolio.
Go to the "Documents" section and find the appropriate button.

Click on it - an archive is created.

Download it and get a folder with all the documents for this portfolio.

This is what buyers have often asked for. It is especially convenient to use one button when there are a lot of documents, because the fewer unnecessary clicks, the more time for really important things!

The seller's personal account in the mobile Debex application displays the time until the end of trading for individual lots.
Auctions can end at different times, for example, if someone has used the "extend" button. Previously, this was not taken into account in the seller's personal account in the mobile application, but now each lot has its own time, in addition to the general one, which is shown at the top.

The same works at the time of the auction: each lot has its own timer ticking, showing how much time is left until the completion of a particular lot. Time, as everyone says, is money!

In the seller's personal account, the graphs were brought into the sales funnels.
When we enter the portfolio sales funnel, we see that the graphs of the growth in the number of reads, notifications, etc. are drawn on the right. You can click on each of them and see the graph of the growth of a specific indicator by day and the final graph. Keeping track of the activities has become more interesting!

Added breakdown by company type in Presale charts.
In the auctions that are still planned, Presale charts now show the types of companies, highlighting those admitted from the Federal Bailiff Service register. Nothing gets past you!

Displayed additional data in the information on lots.
Basically, this is for America, but also applies to work in Russia. Several characteristics have been added to the portfolio.

For America, the important factors for buyers they look at are three metrics: the average loan date, the average loan age, and the average loan write-off date. In Russia, they also began to be displayed.

Added additional information on the whole portfolio lot.
Everyone knows that we can bargain either by lots or for the entire portfolio, and earlier there was no aggregated information on the latter except for the total amount of the principal debt. Now there is a "more" button:

Here you can see the characteristics of the whole portfolio lot:

Dear clients, do not forget to look there!

Auctions are removed from the list only after confirmation by the Seller.

Previously, if you lost an auction, the lot disappeared immediately from the list of auctions. In order for the Seller to be able to choose as a buyer not only the one who gave the maximum bid, but other participants, at the end of the auction, the lot remains hanging in the "auctions" section, in the right corner the inscription "your bid has lost, but wait for the seller's decision" is displayed.

The lot will disappear only after the seller confirms someone's bid. The winner is the one who knows how to wait!

Sellers in their personal account can see the full names of the companies.

On some devices, the names of the companies making the bets were not fully visible to the customers. The page slider has been rebuilt in such a way that now long names of legal entities also fit in. Size is again not as important as content!

Bid values are now displayed in the activity list.

The amount that the buyer made at the auction was not previously indicated. Now you can see the rates of each buyer in rubles for a specific lot. Watching the amounts - what could be more interesting!