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Debex Launches World's First Debt Sellers App

Product Updates
Soon we will be in the pocket of each of you!

What does it mean?

  This means that you no longer need a computer to monitor the progress of the auction, as trading on the platform is now available on all mobile devices.

Let's take a look at your personal account.

We have made it so that sellers can view all of their previously published auctions. We select a portfolio, and what we see:

  1. Its main characteristics are: portfolio number, date, time of auction and total outstanding amount.
2. Admitted Participants Schedules.
3. Alert funnel (how buyers interact with alerts within this portfolio):
4. Next is “Activity” - a feed of events, where you can see who and when viewed / downloaded the lot, who made a bet, etc. Yes, sellers will be very interested in watching these events in real time)
5. The next section “Sales funnel” shows how many new events happened during your absence:
Here we see a complete sales funnel:
6. Next, let's move on to the most interesting section “Current rates”.

When the auction starts, a graph appears (also in real time), which shows the amount for all lots with a breakdown by time for each lot.

Believe it or not, here you can even view the lots separately - how the price grew on it, and how much of the percentage to the starting price was obtained by switching to the "All lots" display mode:

Moving on to “Current Bets”, we see what is happening in real time: who is being traded for which lot, how many bids and money have been placed, how much is it a percentage of the NEO, and so on.

Very comfortably.

You can work in the application both in the "participant" mode and in the "spectator" mode. A bidder can influence the process - exchange information with buyers in chats, agree or disagree with the proposed price, choose winners, and so on. The viewer can watch the statistics of trades in real time and monitor the actions of their participants, while remaining invisible to others.
Is not that great?)

The mobile application is available for merchants connected to Debex in all countries of the company's presence (Russia, Spain, USA, Mexico, Kazakhstan). In the near future, it will implement additional modules available on the auction website, for example, a hybrid auction, which is a unique development of the company.
We do our best to make our work with you comfortable, easy and enjoyable!

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